Cold Weather & Baseball Bats

Cold Weather & Baseball Bats

When it gets cold you have more of a chance of cracking a composite bat or denting an aluminum one. If you went outside in 35 degree weather to swing, chances are you are probably going to dent your bat. But that is why, again, with a brand new expensive bat, you are not going to do that. If a kid wants to go out back and hit balls with his father when it is 35 degrees, you do it with a piece of junk bat. A lot of times manufacturers will put on the label not to use a bat under 60 degrees.

When you swing a bat in cold weather itís gonna sting. A connector is not going to help you reduce the sting. Out here in NJ, when the kids start playing, they start going out on the field like in March. It is going to 45 or 50 degrees out. The thing is going to sting like a mother. It is not going to help. Bats need to be warm when you swing them. When you are going up to bat and it is cold, is you stick it between your freaking legs or sit on it.

Also, the temperature affects the performance of the bat. Like anything metal, an alloy or aluminum is going to contract or expand depending on the temperature. So when it is hot out it is going to expand. It is going to make it more elastic. And there is more flex when it is hotter.

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